Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Blue & Yellow Dog Submissions Now Open!

Hi all. As you have probably realized from the title of this post, Blue & Yellow Dog is now accepting submissions for future issues. Just pop 3-5 poems (longer ones ok) into a Word doc, rtf, or PDF and attach them to an email (don't forget bio): warholaray1@embarqmail.com I am open to surreal, Language Poetry, New Writing, Prose poems, anything postmodern or experimental, even some less avant garde stuff but I am not likely to publish rhyme. So load up on paper and pens and start writing yr brains out. Published poems will appear both on line and in a print issue. Sorry, I cannot offer to compensate poets. I only offer a chance at glory. The print issues will be available to the public at cost. For a peek at past issues visit: http://blueyellowdog.weebly.com I look forward to reading yr work. All the best Raymond Farr, editor Blue & Yellow Dog