Wednesday, August 27, 2008



by shoring “a’s” rondure
“a” Photo Shops® minikins [see minneken: Modern Dutch]
frame by frame
Mimir guarding Ygdrasil inverts gigabites
8:46 till 9:17
dubs toll bridge a circumstance
hilt to imagined hilt it’s
whitman vs. ginsberg
marginal as eye
& under a vent—suzerain accords
read poetry at six angles
9:30 till 10:28
“D” “E” “R” “R” “I” “D” “A” comma
et mulch, et scion, et molar, et “S” “T” “E” “I” “N”
12:42 till 12:56
instructive session
spectacular as clockwork’s
manque paparazzi [rummagers in old papers]
power systems wishful copper society
dew ass thee roam ends dew
1:47 till 2:51
“Yesterday, mom &
“M” “I” “C” “H” “A” “E” “L” “P” “A” “L” “M” “E” “R,”
proved isosceles an asshole,
thimbles wept,
so-called by Romantics
of Info.”

Same as Kafka's Suits for Daddy

Cranberry watusies
same as Kafka's suits
for daddy forgets
comingling fibres
to art of death edicts

A keen the other
jangles white as
plops itself down
on drops of paint
not onto not space

Objects cranky is
as cranky heirloom
for which to relate
exists unsalvaged
openly of Pollock

A mustang's special
fluids to howitzers
vanishes portholes
bluer on canvas
canvased at collage.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Stir Ingredients Until Vilified

Both nocturnal entrepreneurs
Accrued time when the table split open
It was prearranged from time immemorial
Each setting fit easily each gasp
It just wasn’t fluffy : a kinda
Mulch befitting bougainvillea
A situation in which : the normal in us
Sickens our hypothalamus
Our ethics on a stage of hippocampus
A parvenu situation gone awry
Suffered evening upon evening
Of blinding joke bombings : a Gong
At the hour of our total sedation

Exchequer revival guns it up I-95
Slings ingredients till vilified
Is filed / becomes believable
A fact at a distance of 6 parsecs
Most notably a pederast
Dumbfounded flaneur asks
Bob Freckle his incident report
Made tongued by this sun
Of pork : a possible outcome
Delayed : paraphrase pouted thru tuna
Portals : the novel ruminates
On chapel prey –participle
Cliff dangling off glacial icebergs

Soma “zero-one” constellates ideal
A grid’s the result manic with lust
Ars longa vs. penultimate vita brevis
Swings into the swinging sewing
Club night manager’s Lotus B-52
The Night Watch at crisis point
Becomes Barthe’s ticket for mourners
Who abbreviate death as a garden
Or chicken salad sandwich
Sunday but a dream in which
A fourth durable span accelerates
Across sunset on Sour Dough Mt.
Pawning in our destiny of false teeth

Our authentic Rue Paul real hair wigs
Set in 49er gold filigree mass mailing
Culminate an existence water-boarded
Free of the blasted chains on soft Lily
Circa 2000 & the boat people on Fox
Reality closer than hope on a rope
Such domains regret little we suffuse
With larger mannequins standing in
Aardvarks are boat people too if you
Listen their cry is plaintive & shallow
Like a dead ringer’s eyes Time is a rule
Loosen then titan but listen & long for
This is a human this is our exit

Thursday, July 3, 2008


Blackguards set chattel to
Chattel song

All the live long urinal pose
down channel/century 7
An ox

My mt. suite / viola cable news broadcast vibrates at intervals
Inn length (Tennessee
Is lyric

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

:the moon on a basque leash

:the bonus gate keeper leaves us reeling
:w//w/outPOP up ads

:he knowsa guy(ser
:bifocal points in madness december

:calls pepsi co

:the moon on a basque leash : is it withdrawal?
:i haven’t a prayer shawl

:access tel aviv
:stymies tv

:the women swoon too early to be graceful
:reject a ms
:left handedly

:coffin seismic annie tug boat dinah shore awaits surreal captain

:eating shrimp malaise buttered sour kraut
:whole meat dysplasia for weeks now

:a mug shot vd de milo
:etc ike

:pontiff fiesta firecracker thanksdrueling
:w/ ezra skin

:more chill for the virtual

:when ground is brokenNOUNAGAIN
:the cityZAPATTA!

:UNREaL wherever

:we leave it

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

How Algernon Swinburne Found His Life's Purpose

Merchandising the meaning of.
Epic Jenny.
In Haiti palm-hat.
As witness.
Whimsy etc.

[These brackets.
Texts colliding.]
Is how.
Algernon Swinburne found himself.
Questioning in bed.
The meaning of signs.
His mission.
A black bird.
Or 7th grin.

His person-ism.
Of absolute line.
Breaks. Do-si-dos.
In square.
Of wet cement.

[Are these relationships the same?]

Oral Basque.
Is how he laughs.
Not moving.

Orgy man.
Crackpot man.
In grey rock.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Dipsomaniacal Derangement of Altered Facts

Both of us bottle flies
Stood over

Fixated dumber summer


The time when

The table split wide

Due to exploitation
Of peculiar

Arrière-pensée w/no

To mention us
In passing(

It just wasn’t fluffy
Was all I cld say

Not: Art
Is long
Life is short

: a kinda

Poker game-situation ethics
Elite as brand X

In fancy Bulova City—

The Night Watch left dangling

To death
Of a sales pitcher

Exchequer remote

Observes nothing & nothing is gleaned
Or eminent to be mentioned

I quake until I’m qualified

In the 50th Gong Arrondissement

Exchequer remote
Suffers blindness bombings
Off I-95—

Derangement memos (
Sighing in quotes:

An egg salad sombrero

The match stick of noon

A Bob Freckle

Incident report (
Never scripted peyote wad

; A dumbfounding
Ecco homo exists openly

Of Pollock

Whose pinnacle mind-set
Is a seersucker’s Pop art

& this thru tuna portals—

Cats singing ditties(
Hilarious to hear


Improvised by mud dingers

In evil glandular
Star speculations

The novella under

One umbrella
Is truly meant

To be kinder

A breeding scalpel wielding
Past participles ruminates in chapels—

Ars longa, vita brevis

It is for mourners I take along plums in my boots(

Not Dr. Williams
But his dog,


Sunday is his dream
Copulation his hour

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Bought Me a Mannequin Named Papa to Love with All My Heart


The arrogance
the swagger are never gone
from me

I was raised in a shed
without momma & papa
to lion over me

To deluge my ego
or buy me Oreos

(I am jesting of course)

Papa roves across borders
driven insane at four corners
of intrigues

Elastic as canon
ink runs from the corners
of his joust

Drastic in deformity

Plastic in American enormity
Papa gigs me
by my rigor mortis--
a raider of sign posts
& taverns
made eloquent by regard

In his country of woe
he motors towards nothing

His handful of sorrow
lags thru my crosshairs

I rhyme & I flatten
dear psychiatrist
mindful of cyclones
& greater than Kansas

(Hardly my Papa’s
little dumpling boy)

But Papa never believes
in my poems


Mama gestures
& puts on her glasses—
a dreamer in figuration

Her addiction's
a sentence ambiguous
as sign posts

Derivatives of marginal attraction
sing like a cobra
in reply

First she deletes
--Auckland Personnel Only--
then she types

She reads how
t(w)o (wo)men
sex is desire

That dogma's domain
is tahol's domain

as existence)

& that tahol
means shithead
her son
who writes poems

Mama’s factoids
are forces
she dishes out madness

Her porno’s no secret
grinds tumult to words—
"aloha, fruity pebbles"—
in someone else's
straight face

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Travel Ode to the Previous (Legacy III)

A world is worded like a setting off
To a page or pages unknown. A reliable lie

Adversely juxtaposed. Indifference. Its core
Of meaning. All the lies I told stir up
Incendiary injustices. Space breaking down.
Transformed by subway crowds. Faceless
But theorized and therein lies the rub.

For all we know a comported idea is based
In reality. Solely a language unto itself.

A portrait sitter. Versions of a self contained
Enemy. Interchangeable as mental harps
Plucked by a poem. A poetry is not necessarily
An evil plural but composite, yes, it is the same.
A contrived lingo by individual aspect.
Consciousness nicked in the eye. A duality
Overtly witnessed until conjectured thin.

Incumbent revolutionary means and practices.
But a system just the same. Both fall into place
As when glue coheres disparate strands. A car
Built to jangle its keys in front of us does so.

There is a mean temperature uniquely dissimilar
From a torrid summer.

The moon meanders women into metaphors.
Explains real politik. Negates false idols.
Superimposed upon a grand system. He shines
His bourgeoisie miracle. Light’s so called
Devotion. Even a little speck feminine fascist.

Is he like us? One in a crowd of illusions?
A wastrel sleeping beneath bridges? Wrapped
In newspapers? Ersatz with zeitgeist’s fraudulent
Emotions? Words all the while escaping?

Bombed with cold and guilt is simultaneous.
Paradigmatic teeth chatter unto the charnel house.
Bombed with cold and gilt. Gilt is but a play

On the words: secondary intuitions.
Whosoever jokes alters the ghostly enterprises.
Is made a circumspect defendant. Intelligence
Coddles. Agrees to laughter and money handed out.
The form is of mansions and limos.

Institutional schmuck. Designed pianissimo.
The closed off literati. Or con. We all dream
Of the big score. It’s understood how we do
Ourselves in. Non-essential institutional schmuck.

Societal parameters stray toward effulgence.
The manner of sonnets gone meta-narrative.
The same art transforms a consumer. We don’t

Identify. The losers unless outlaws.

Our minds expand by orbitable laws.

Celtic Root Labyrinth

Indoctrinated decisively uprooted bellowing
Clamoring the unbathed she-babe refuses her milk
Bottle’s mystic nipple golden in the air hanging
Without instruction the mad king embraces
His scientific exteriorities like feigned silences
Oared to come cries are all over the dark walls

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Love? Exactement! No?!

Superlative charmed dessicates of iris
& chamomile leaf dull gold doubloons
foundering listless in tide a kiss
jealous of the ear ignoble sweet sweet
lover & stove going out so wry lull
of tongue & groove indolent as smoke
O sputter of candle O sputter of
bee & laudanum the old impassive indignant
real abstinence absentee the jetty veers
skirts the scenic heights perilous as
surf/spirits among comrades tongue
after tongue misshapen by the sea the sea
ravaged at the point of entry a mermaid
& lean cedars by the gate

(In the room awaits)