Friday, July 11, 2008

Stir Ingredients Until Vilified

Both nocturnal entrepreneurs
Accrued time when the table split open
It was prearranged from time immemorial
Each setting fit easily each gasp
It just wasn’t fluffy : a kinda
Mulch befitting bougainvillea
A situation in which : the normal in us
Sickens our hypothalamus
Our ethics on a stage of hippocampus
A parvenu situation gone awry
Suffered evening upon evening
Of blinding joke bombings : a Gong
At the hour of our total sedation

Exchequer revival guns it up I-95
Slings ingredients till vilified
Is filed / becomes believable
A fact at a distance of 6 parsecs
Most notably a pederast
Dumbfounded flaneur asks
Bob Freckle his incident report
Made tongued by this sun
Of pork : a possible outcome
Delayed : paraphrase pouted thru tuna
Portals : the novel ruminates
On chapel prey –participle
Cliff dangling off glacial icebergs

Soma “zero-one” constellates ideal
A grid’s the result manic with lust
Ars longa vs. penultimate vita brevis
Swings into the swinging sewing
Club night manager’s Lotus B-52
The Night Watch at crisis point
Becomes Barthe’s ticket for mourners
Who abbreviate death as a garden
Or chicken salad sandwich
Sunday but a dream in which
A fourth durable span accelerates
Across sunset on Sour Dough Mt.
Pawning in our destiny of false teeth

Our authentic Rue Paul real hair wigs
Set in 49er gold filigree mass mailing
Culminate an existence water-boarded
Free of the blasted chains on soft Lily
Circa 2000 & the boat people on Fox
Reality closer than hope on a rope
Such domains regret little we suffuse
With larger mannequins standing in
Aardvarks are boat people too if you
Listen their cry is plaintive & shallow
Like a dead ringer’s eyes Time is a rule
Loosen then titan but listen & long for
This is a human this is our exit

Thursday, July 3, 2008


Blackguards set chattel to
Chattel song

All the live long urinal pose
down channel/century 7
An ox

My mt. suite / viola cable news broadcast vibrates at intervals
Inn length (Tennessee
Is lyric