Thursday, August 27, 2009

Raiment of the 6 Emergent Phases

Phase One: Historical/documentary

If Dante spill redo
Getting it down

Flotsam of melon-
Headed cartoon boy

Stands on his heels
At aardvark

Shallow chronic

Divides DeLillo
Reading Pile 2009

Animus device catalyzes
Vendors’ secret

Civic ZOOM lens
Dissipates grammar

Curving thru art space
Plucking & poking

Shall we conjunction
At the junction?

Strategy assumed
To be continued

Phase Two: Social/communal

Urbanized in ChiTown
The pizza whores rally

(It’s a delicate matter)

Words’re looked up
Their faces on like a nite lite

Paupers loathe the city’s
Hound dog ars poetica

Gripping & caterwauling
Holbein’s dusty MP3 players’re

Clowns for a home town
“Come in from the acid rain”

(& big w/ the shoulders)

Phase Three: Mortality/sensuality

Idio-pisseurs gloat over
Shacks’ lustrous gluttony

Seminal orbits sire robots’
Oblong nailed sense

A structure of structured
Polyps &

Sense making

O people of gonads
I needled a gendarme

Similar to
/ Redolent with

Jack London, Ontario
The fixer
The dream-shaman

Shimmers nightly

Ogled on rivers

/ He flop-houses

p—shivering,cold, “oh, no, not


Gunned main frames
Whose shame isn’t poison

Whose RAM-horse plots

/ the Gameboy is brkn

Queued up past the exits

The other’s a fugue whose
Shadows’re echoes

Phase Four: Scientific/supernatural

Under sublingual hypnosis

One’s singing desire for science spanning rainbows

Deletes rhythmic feet feigned by stroke

Of a key

In cataracts
Crunched by force of waterfall digits

The gleaning of thinking seems sadder today

More sad
Than recondite

Across sentiments darker than slop troughs
Saw dust is heaven at seven am

On one hand’s a claw modeled on wavelengths

I can’t leave
This soup can
Is isolated

Phase Five: Logical/generic

In sublime parataxis

The roar is enormous—
Enormously m-t.

Canticles empower typo.
Funknee typo (sic) suck seeds awed ball ads.

Any foot measured.
Or bauble(d) secedes the Klondike.

Bob bob-bulled his way.
A blonde dike.

A violin (each string a disc, a waterfall)
Is bluntly
Optimistic furniture.

A trick is a slang thang.
A pattern

Of euphemism
Sweeter than canon-

Iced saints.

Angular willows
Mobile enough / fail to contain

A pose / piss
Against glamour.

Phase Six: Political/mundane

Just popped clear
Of small dog
In recliner

Strange managerial sanctions have been put into place
Be patient

This war is not an editorial
Plucked by a swan
Or an ideal

We can fix this
No XBOX to rule
In exchange
Dada manifests
Triple threat
For only son(y)

Angels reason duck blind
Ransoming shouts

Never, ever, hotwire
The rich angels’ Audi!

The machine is full
Lay them on the container near the furnace
Till then…

Plain trees
Flung with monstrous
Moth wings

I Am Thinking Beryl Not Miles

In the Ravine allure
I am thinking beryl not miles
Conundrums drumming
Debonair Peru
Bring patter forth
Acrostically deviated
Undulated like Winifred
I aspirate like asps
Speaking wild wild
(hound dog) Houdini
Quizzing intelligentsia:
Who is where in
12 apostates upstairs?
Don’t defenestrate
The obvious nor
Inculcate the mysterious
[ ] is # 9
On my play list
This —ism Version of
Straight junk realism judo
// = &&- üō¿ is etched
Superficially onto
Combs of wide wide
Windows in play
With light meaning:
“transit”ory shadowy
Aortic valve/ This
Quantum field
Gutter sinewy star matter
In strange flux
Comes and goes
Conjuring shiny shiny
Roger Rabbit &
Jessica Rabbit
Perpetrating rope trick finales
Screaming nth division
To a fine line this afternoon
As creepy reality Czechs
Glad fudge Rx scripts
Taste bamboo y—¿Y! etc
Deconstructs Nothngness
& human Being a sundae
Or else X equals Y sliding
Third baseman into
What is the meaning of
Scale model/ Scientific American?
Galf brzzes
In salten heir
Look here \\\ ? ///\\\ * ///\\\ ? ///saith the listen
Art art a tiger
A poem art allure ravine :
A listen
Strikes evidence
Subverting radical chic
Twisting reckless
Grueling motor-ism
Nerve tic McPapacy—
Egads! potatoes!—
To Yikes! pomades over
A fraction
Of pome [one half
A density sings sentences
With must—
If that is a kiln
I’ll heat my at