Thursday, December 31, 2009

a Yahoo word search evolves into a philosopher*

Yes, a splash page

Is old fashioned

A tangle tangible tangerine
Kinda night of

Parishioner conspiracy

As a lama
Construes wheelbarrow
Among dachshunds

Aorta goes

confidante Postcard Lithuania

As thousand Moe
Dostoevsky Blackburn

Cotman sapling
Holystone translucent

stuck in the

For this is an ambiance

C’est alors qu’il fait la connaissance
Responded advisers

Helicopter perception
Requesting stronghold

I agree with you

machines provided
historical compilation of

reactivity & interactivity

Your saying is so good
& useful for me

a far cry from

a skyscraper City,
set in Provence

costing $100

ª All language in this poem is “found” language. It is taken from several
Yahoo pages I searched using “tan lin ambiance is a novel with a logo”
for my search parameters. I have moved them around abnegating their
original order on the Yahoo pages. This is the sum total of my
manipulation. They are pretty much as I found them on Yahoo. I prefer to
label this work a “selected” poem rather than “found” poetry, as my
process was simply to select lines & phrases while composing the poem
as I did so. Thus each preceding line or phrase effected those which
were to be selected later in the process.

Eye Uneasy with the Story*

Since I’m by myself
I bring along a book

The book is mesmerizing

A perfect bound
Closed history
The size of a nest

Its pgs

A rope (Representing Reality)

Gross acts of non-

One theater}

Expound on the relevance
Descending in the form of

Abandoned farm buildings
Now housed

A miraculous outpouring
Almost at random

Once lived
The key events
Swiftly fled

The improbable
The unlikely
Significant Unfair Arguments
With Existence

Act on
Sublimely innocent
Brutal burning deck

Of eye uneasy
With the story

(Such is the fervor
Walking hand in hand
w/ )

& waves

Really bad movies

Venus to the
*Text & title were "found" on line.
My only creative input was selecting them
& arranging them
into a poem.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ever a Silo of Twelve Seconds

English was still major development
Spoken in broken cups of glass & steel marijuana

& thinking as straw was a silo of straw
Evolved through space of twelve seconds

No matter how strafed
A loot of legs and skirts and muscle and hair and eyes and breasts
Dr. Strangelove just screamed

In cinematic contrivances found loved by no pulpit
Surfing was a fad soon
The waters did doom upon atolls of radio waves

In watts they were whom not quite ourselves
A view’s pewter ball I rolled into sleeves

As sixth of a rumor we fell out of knees
A jingle in pain till old western dead

[Your Name Here] up in lights

[Your Name Here]
Acts out a movie
Votes in a theater
Saunters into &
Out of frames 1-
20,000 delegates
On camera / off
Screen justified
Citizens external
Ask your local
Party rep or just
Shoot the footage
I Us opting for
Corpse smells of
Aisle seats &
Public nonpareils
Improvised by
Cross dresser-
Prophet his own
Shadowy persona
Non gratis the
Situation appears
“legit” afterall
As does a bill
[not a duck’s
Beak] a George
[“Roll ‘em!”]
Is a form of late
20th Century
Diplomacy. [Film
Talks, yes?]
The means of
Cunning’s own
Historical re-
Enactment of
The lost art of
Cash acquisition
Directed by
[Your Name Here]
But poems on
B&w 35 mm?
Scenario one:
No longer civil
Folk [Your Name
Here] mounts
A buckboard
Is filmed / Is
History scripted
Revised for no
Sake or cause
But repetition
But repetition
Vs [Your Name
Here Up in Lights]
Scenario Two:
No lawnga civel
Foke [Yore Naim
Heer] shall alter
The parameters
Shall mownt tha
Bukbord re-inact-
mints appearin’
both on screne
& in tha awdienc

Monday, September 28, 2009

What Sources Gabble On About In Spades

We were discussing

“the photogenic bride
Of Shelley’s Frankenstein”…


We were discussing “evil twins”
Of dump site Zero—

Niagara Falls…no…

Theories of gamma rays bursting
(onto scenes)

In heaven
I have shoes…
& I think…shoe laces made of anything

lead or neon

Sequentially eaten
Raw with duck eggs

Though lettuce in them
Left us unquenched

The advantage is yrs, iron mike

Elements contain
Lipsoft for women

As Vivaldi

Ropes musical canisters
Making lice a star


Matter was our source
Of this evening’s topic

Was better off dead
Than a spider

The bread was our topic
Of which. It is.

As was: rien…maintenant rien…

Toujour maintenant rien,

The rice kernels burn
As though gassed

Atavistically yrs,
Nate Turner

A continuum
Often mistaken
Went flaccid

Foraging a Universe

Of aluminum foil
Boiled potatoes

Are nominal

Autumnal equations

The stranger’s

Only ice matters
In the fist

Of hate
I hammer
& hammer


A token

No longer the style of winter robes
Are small & naked

turbine efficiency

In token submarines

of silly silly
glass underwear

of subconscious light
becomes lumbering

At the speed
Of soft butter

A crawdad

Is licentious—

A pauper’s sex drive

In the mix

A substantial balling clap

& the light snaps on
Melons & bacon

Bitter in anything’s suave salad

Of celestial beets
Purple till we snuggle then strangle

Chef Pluto the Elder

In synch with
I am a billabong

A reindeer of significant
Existential roles

Played by anal trajectory
Of indifferences

On lunar surfaces
All pocked
& cheesy animus

(we relegate our business)

toad stools that
hinterland & I forgot

Keep records
That I divulge!

We want you to discuss

this with us
& that with them

Defend every point

of no return

as a non sequitar
Non sense being the automat

Portrayed as a g-spot
The entire aspect holds court in its hands I am dynamite

Ice monkey
Battling for tuna

My rage
In a Dixie cup
Is a great way to meet

chicken coops

Blended families
For god sake

My stove pipe
Hat yr pork pie hat
Are a pink that is little

A prank

Of living proof

of life
(& deaf)

Call us

Culled from

I’ll tv
You later, mossy clan laser beam

I’ll taser
Yr efficiency, fridge raider eye patch of soulless soul patches
Our reception is bear

& stranger than Thailand
From Tylenol

I am a boot
Of Milan

Observing a railroad

The largest commercial source of

Hgh freak went sea
Radio waves

on this western boat of
glee reminds us—

Treasure islands are far off

wither thou goest, umbrella drink?

Casino dolls masturbate

Pushing up
, doing ten or eleven

No governor

Or sprouts

Or mackerel-owl affect
Sailing Djuna Barnes

A half hour off

Onion heads either

A culling
Of little pinks

Big &

Huffing infernos closer than

Rush of


Discards (for the life of me)
Clean out of

Awesome Buddha
& next

I have nine feet
A swiveled intellect

A ruins of
A romance

Hair raising

To re-


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Raiment of the 6 Emergent Phases

Phase One: Historical/documentary

If Dante spill redo
Getting it down

Flotsam of melon-
Headed cartoon boy

Stands on his heels
At aardvark

Shallow chronic

Divides DeLillo
Reading Pile 2009

Animus device catalyzes
Vendors’ secret

Civic ZOOM lens
Dissipates grammar

Curving thru art space
Plucking & poking

Shall we conjunction
At the junction?

Strategy assumed
To be continued

Phase Two: Social/communal

Urbanized in ChiTown
The pizza whores rally

(It’s a delicate matter)

Words’re looked up
Their faces on like a nite lite

Paupers loathe the city’s
Hound dog ars poetica

Gripping & caterwauling
Holbein’s dusty MP3 players’re

Clowns for a home town
“Come in from the acid rain”

(& big w/ the shoulders)

Phase Three: Mortality/sensuality

Idio-pisseurs gloat over
Shacks’ lustrous gluttony

Seminal orbits sire robots’
Oblong nailed sense

A structure of structured
Polyps &

Sense making

O people of gonads
I needled a gendarme

Similar to
/ Redolent with

Jack London, Ontario
The fixer
The dream-shaman

Shimmers nightly

Ogled on rivers

/ He flop-houses

p—shivering,cold, “oh, no, not


Gunned main frames
Whose shame isn’t poison

Whose RAM-horse plots

/ the Gameboy is brkn

Queued up past the exits

The other’s a fugue whose
Shadows’re echoes

Phase Four: Scientific/supernatural

Under sublingual hypnosis

One’s singing desire for science spanning rainbows

Deletes rhythmic feet feigned by stroke

Of a key

In cataracts
Crunched by force of waterfall digits

The gleaning of thinking seems sadder today

More sad
Than recondite

Across sentiments darker than slop troughs
Saw dust is heaven at seven am

On one hand’s a claw modeled on wavelengths

I can’t leave
This soup can
Is isolated

Phase Five: Logical/generic

In sublime parataxis

The roar is enormous—
Enormously m-t.

Canticles empower typo.
Funknee typo (sic) suck seeds awed ball ads.

Any foot measured.
Or bauble(d) secedes the Klondike.

Bob bob-bulled his way.
A blonde dike.

A violin (each string a disc, a waterfall)
Is bluntly
Optimistic furniture.

A trick is a slang thang.
A pattern

Of euphemism
Sweeter than canon-

Iced saints.

Angular willows
Mobile enough / fail to contain

A pose / piss
Against glamour.

Phase Six: Political/mundane

Just popped clear
Of small dog
In recliner

Strange managerial sanctions have been put into place
Be patient

This war is not an editorial
Plucked by a swan
Or an ideal

We can fix this
No XBOX to rule
In exchange
Dada manifests
Triple threat
For only son(y)

Angels reason duck blind
Ransoming shouts

Never, ever, hotwire
The rich angels’ Audi!

The machine is full
Lay them on the container near the furnace
Till then…

Plain trees
Flung with monstrous
Moth wings

I Am Thinking Beryl Not Miles

In the Ravine allure
I am thinking beryl not miles
Conundrums drumming
Debonair Peru
Bring patter forth
Acrostically deviated
Undulated like Winifred
I aspirate like asps
Speaking wild wild
(hound dog) Houdini
Quizzing intelligentsia:
Who is where in
12 apostates upstairs?
Don’t defenestrate
The obvious nor
Inculcate the mysterious
[ ] is # 9
On my play list
This —ism Version of
Straight junk realism judo
// = &&- üō¿ is etched
Superficially onto
Combs of wide wide
Windows in play
With light meaning:
“transit”ory shadowy
Aortic valve/ This
Quantum field
Gutter sinewy star matter
In strange flux
Comes and goes
Conjuring shiny shiny
Roger Rabbit &
Jessica Rabbit
Perpetrating rope trick finales
Screaming nth division
To a fine line this afternoon
As creepy reality Czechs
Glad fudge Rx scripts
Taste bamboo y—¿Y! etc
Deconstructs Nothngness
& human Being a sundae
Or else X equals Y sliding
Third baseman into
What is the meaning of
Scale model/ Scientific American?
Galf brzzes
In salten heir
Look here \\\ ? ///\\\ * ///\\\ ? ///saith the listen
Art art a tiger
A poem art allure ravine :
A listen
Strikes evidence
Subverting radical chic
Twisting reckless
Grueling motor-ism
Nerve tic McPapacy—
Egads! potatoes!—
To Yikes! pomades over
A fraction
Of pome [one half
A density sings sentences
With must—
If that is a kiln
I’ll heat my at

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Verticality groped “fleurs” occasionally
Retroactive telephones rang to plausible outcomes
Blunter blue guitars robbed at curbside decided
Let’s do the monkey
Angled widths / breadths mistakenly golden
It has a singleness singing like dollarfish in church
But glee & who fled them expect to be fed
Ransomed for no whistle
Each limned beforehand a counterfeit driven ballistic
Matters of shells is what we’re looking for, she said
& went on: the daubs of pallor
The pointillist’s torque sundered by slender feelers
My beliefs? Simple things, yes?
Quarried voices outdraw oddly a giddy abstraction
Tableaux’ inch worth of String Theory toppled by
Rubbled terrible defeats humanity is living thru
The one course slopes off
At frame’s edge a point of seven tangents seems elliptical
Jet-shaped as angst now deeper frgmnts due to meaning
The ordeal is beautiful typography, yes?
& yes, he coped ideally at first
Learned how not to unknot himself psychologically
Before rejecting himself scientifically
Reinvented by followers he missed them by minutes
When he died he changed is a fact it’s true
Still claim men in America love beautiful dogs?
But roomed beneath correct lines were new spaces
The right knives with the same fork and spoons
Elements’ as yet unspecified whirlpools of dictates
Too calculated too homey for spice traders
& yet it’s “fleurs” they optimize at farces
Tens of thousands of burnished picnic dot coms
Lit in normal machined largesse
Intimating X-rays opined by harbors’ sundry cods
It’s as fantastic-science-waiting-on-tables that they wait
A soliloquy’s broken out of subway
Obsessed with ornamentals
A kingdom flown against earth its offering of outrage

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Eight or Sew Wider Buses of Affect

LIKE pertains to
LIKE plum blossoms
LIKE wafting

Smoke poses
LIKE intolerable semblance
Angled LIKE opus

LIKE adventurous ateliers
LIKE octopus the same as
Eight or sew wider buses
Than hapless

An if during Mikonos
Is LIKE singular
LIKE out-flowered

LIKE a thorn bush
Yet vaguely

Friday, June 5, 2009

raison d'etre in tofu

cannot exist exactly as formed
the very formed existence can
not exis
as formed we exist in a vaccuum
of lace words on concrete pillars

Friday, May 15, 2009

j's scalloped indigenous achtungs

in the beginning
j. traded counterfeit ekpwele

measure was the rip tide
of j. barrelling across scalloped
indigenous achtungs, baby!

chevrons of sea dunes
converge like evidenceof j.'s poetic nature

j is what March 16, 2007

a condition j. edits
hoping against hope?

or b) sevens where kafka's
"k" preexists?


or j. in his bathrobe
fetching the Times?

j angling for tread

what j. comprehends
of snowed-in class mediocrity


his big strange wall of words
careless at detours
& angling for tread

j. learns as he skids

Look out, j! Words have
a cliff!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pudding Pops Y Bueno!

Duchamp typed ‘DUCHAMP’ in 20 fonts
& ran it thru the system
)FRANKRUEHL( wept & went out
)GUL Inche( smiled wryly with porcupine teeth on his ant face,
Kept ranting:
There was this sense someone had SPAM
On the back burner FOR SALE
“They’ve got the BEANS!” Duchamp railed.
“It’s all over but the sentencing.”

& so all was done wrongly
& tale ended

But Duchamp refused to relent /
Waited bleached magnificent 7s
for scalpel mIEKAL aND
thin & darkness
stick people people
to archive arachnids

“Meat’s out!” cried
fat chance of a page
& wept like a sponge mop
Wrung out
Of music
(with accent over oeia)

Peeping PEEPINGperception of stick figure figures
messianic messy messes
appeared torpedoed

Curtained BLACK onomatopoeia
read over &
over a hillock
My dynamismDUCHAMP
Whose foot
a (d)ream sped up
isobars crammed into Io’s vibrant light

Men’s porcelain
barf barf Urinal-ity, sang
Dog Dog eat’em up
Yessir! That’s my REALTOR!

Garage sales gargled
Pungent Polyps
& cheap polyesterdays

& bubble baths

Rubber ducky-DuChaMp mapped & lathered
his row boat duchamp
writing: little little,
these lines are too much fast!
Invent a slow. mIEKAL aND
Too mucho. sexy sexy
Aisle 9:
Potato chips
Corn chips
Pop corn
& pretzels

& so days followed weeks followed hand puppets. a fridge
Tedium during hours at the Crocodile Mall
Observing the outposts of social order:
Chick Fillet
Ocean Pacific

The Super Secret Good Guy Underground stood up
Went rad
1 cm swinging & swinging
Intuited sea hags
Pudding pops Y bueno

Sunday, February 15, 2009

I Felt Subconsciously

Mein hyssop mimes
confederate jazz
lyrics. for the
Maestro hip hop
parade route during.

Veracity is not a
place I want to visit.
Except for knives.
Or killing krill. A kiln
is over. mr head.

I felt subconsciously
about. U klinger. hi
top in. Haifa flat
Cycle upon cycle.
but no orifice.
Trope cliché. moi /

Moi. little hang-up /
morose nooses. &
Bye saying bye.
Hand on return.
I cut my life into pi
pieces & carried it

ESC key to veer
across median. Is not
expected to sell a
units by Friday or
Saturday: freedom.

Uterus slop. The
train has arrived
silly as a.


Coming to A halt.
On super infant’s
Not near still
enough. Bocce Libre.
el & one

old Spect Vol—p

vite la bore.
eh tory. In cisterns

Sisters will & selph.
articulate binges. &
& scale Models
concur. To begin a
dream il faut que je

“I alone am X-
Memory-X!” Tupelo
honey grove-stand.
collapses! himsefl A
nevrvous braek

donwn –m Xm m Xm
m Xm internalized.
A ton of old oboe.

Doxa: This Last Fuse Is Wit

For Marco Giovenale

Nailed coffin men fire up the singing apes

To gobs of boob drake darker taller tan than false anatomy

Begetting Beefaroni® biscotti taunting iota buds in airport flex hold

Thin Edie I mean

This doxa rotisserie goofs the spelling bee

Is nutnbut a bit a hi jinx

Tease the scrotum aweful broad zany grey spot light with doom hands of luck

Coxswain burly (b)ikeman swoons reversing golf

What is it up

In fast food chutes of Spain

La Toya’s tiger-Toyota purrs so mellow man back seat


Her groin dialectic-construct spins hussies free hurrumph I’m home

Her jingle-juice isolated neon titty bits to block, please, Alex

The view is twisted Hussein neck tie of hemp

Olde Ruskie bible trick

String ‘em up at gunless tea estranged by ten

Twinkie-fart seltzer-St. Elsewhere / sunless sea

Come on monkey launching pad tv canoe / sunless bee

Stars patter the anciennes / fun-less tree

Meatless Melissa revolves strident Corningware® rock pile / pun-less Klee

Paced gymnastically her bag’s a blur of jacked off man flesh / cunt-less Dee

Blunt disposable tissue bagged for index people / punt-less fee

Adam’s atoms piled tightly on / hut-less knee

Bandanas signify naked Tina Toner A# for pitchmen / cutlass spree

Bridget’s flix dot com cum onyx wet dream cum massacre dot com / shunt-less lee

Citified scum birth wombat etcetera the boyz know / hapless he

Her sins are multiplexed / chapped lip seed

Animus doodles her Rolodex / map-less deed

Scams Bob Hopi one last reed patch soul-less Vegas noxious honey bee / tongue-less feed

Bleached pi blonde escapes alien body dump site tsar with clap / sapless greed

Alternate cruelty in thong wrong flyboy in flip flops / dung-less spree

Merchant guns an f-stop dizzy lizard happenstance / gun-less tea

This last fuse is wit / bun-less oui