Sunday, July 19, 2009


Verticality groped “fleurs” occasionally
Retroactive telephones rang to plausible outcomes
Blunter blue guitars robbed at curbside decided
Let’s do the monkey
Angled widths / breadths mistakenly golden
It has a singleness singing like dollarfish in church
But glee & who fled them expect to be fed
Ransomed for no whistle
Each limned beforehand a counterfeit driven ballistic
Matters of shells is what we’re looking for, she said
& went on: the daubs of pallor
The pointillist’s torque sundered by slender feelers
My beliefs? Simple things, yes?
Quarried voices outdraw oddly a giddy abstraction
Tableaux’ inch worth of String Theory toppled by
Rubbled terrible defeats humanity is living thru
The one course slopes off
At frame’s edge a point of seven tangents seems elliptical
Jet-shaped as angst now deeper frgmnts due to meaning
The ordeal is beautiful typography, yes?
& yes, he coped ideally at first
Learned how not to unknot himself psychologically
Before rejecting himself scientifically
Reinvented by followers he missed them by minutes
When he died he changed is a fact it’s true
Still claim men in America love beautiful dogs?
But roomed beneath correct lines were new spaces
The right knives with the same fork and spoons
Elements’ as yet unspecified whirlpools of dictates
Too calculated too homey for spice traders
& yet it’s “fleurs” they optimize at farces
Tens of thousands of burnished picnic dot coms
Lit in normal machined largesse
Intimating X-rays opined by harbors’ sundry cods
It’s as fantastic-science-waiting-on-tables that they wait
A soliloquy’s broken out of subway
Obsessed with ornamentals
A kingdom flown against earth its offering of outrage

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Eight or Sew Wider Buses of Affect

LIKE pertains to
LIKE plum blossoms
LIKE wafting

Smoke poses
LIKE intolerable semblance
Angled LIKE opus

LIKE adventurous ateliers
LIKE octopus the same as
Eight or sew wider buses
Than hapless

An if during Mikonos
Is LIKE singular
LIKE out-flowered

LIKE a thorn bush
Yet vaguely