Friday, December 23, 2011

Check out issue 7 of Blue & Yellow Dog

It is chock full of great poems, including work by:
Anton Frost, David Woodruff, harry k stammer, Michael O'Brien, Corey Mesler, Lee Marc Stein, Peter Ganick, Carl Grindley, Walter Ruhlmann, Cortney Bledsoe, Tyson Bley, Ben Nardolilli, Valentina Cano, Matthew B. Dexter, Larry O. Dean, Neil Ellman, Les Wicks, Randy Brooks, Michael Lee Johnson, Howie Good, Evan Carr, John Pursch, & John McKernan.

I am very happy and proud of the issue.

I am always reading, there is no "reading period".

Just submit yr work as a single Word doc or rtf or PDF email attachment and send it to me

I will be glad to take a gander at it

For those of you interested in buying hard copies of back issues of B&YDog
Visit the B&YDog Book Shop, I have discounted the prices

Hope you all have a safe and wonderful xmas season.