Saturday, April 30, 2011

Homage to Homage to the Imagination*

One night I sailed off

So long Wynken, Blynken, & Nod

So long zoppa

Farewell [ ]

So long [ ]

The waters of no more pain
Are found within this

Or so cried the stars to
French poet Charles Baudelaire

A dream poem
From breakfast on

In fact an improved version of

A Dutch picture
Which [ ] read aloud

In fact a nod to Surrealism

The year 1869
The year 2007

& which zoppa quoted—

A delightful little
One night
Among my friends—

But don’t be fooled
This is a detail read aloud

It might be gloomy—

A lovely bedtime

A small sampling
Entitled simply

A good poem—

But oh how classically fun

To stop, pause, take a step
& salute the dream land

In this version
It walks parallel

Giving a nod
To Octavio Paz

* Source of text was a Google key word search of the phrase: “Nod poems.”

Indefinite Space Has Appeared on the Horizon

The poems in Indefinite Space 2010/2011 Vol XIX are meticulously selected and ordered by editor Marcia Arrieta and the reader is taken along for the ride of his or her mental life. John C. Goodman, John M Bennett & Sheila E Murphy, Anne Gorrick, Felino Soriano, and Raymond Farr are just a few of the poets exhibited in this fine anthology. To purchase $7 a single issue or $12 per subscription for two issue, visit

Psychic Meatloaf #3 Is Published

I am proud to say I have work published in issue #3 of Psychic Meatloaf.
It is an exciting publication and worth buying. Of course I am prejudice, having two poems included in the ranks of such poets as Rob Cook, Shane Allison, Felino Soriano, and David Tomaloff just to name a few of the terrific poets and artists whose vision gives Psychic Meatloaf its wonderful aura.

To view samples and purchase visit

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I Have a New Ebook Out from Chalk Editions: chainge

My latest effort chainge is an ebook published by Chalk Editions
Visit the site.
There are many good books to be found there
& they're all free!
You can download, print, or just enjoy!