Thursday, August 19, 2010

naked beauty by John C. Goodman is Available at B&YDog Book Shop!

In naked beauty, John C. Goodman's oscillating, never still anti-tableau of shifting visions "horizons unfold/like paper birds." Constantly observant among glints of experience and language inserted into and evolving out of the italicized "I" of these poems, it seems the transient focus of naked beauty exists in flux (what the poet himself calls "stream of experience") even as life proceeds on a ravishing scale "looking under postage stamps." Anywhere word glitters against word, image against image, each apt metaphor more penultimate than the last, we experience the moment and move on, dazzled, exhilerated, perpetually standing at the threshold of a glad new existence. Goodman is surpassed by none when it comes to epiphanic indulgences. He succors the pathos of the "I" of the self accusatory, the joke of the self deprecating, as though life (much like these poems) was painted in swift impasto and never forgotten.

naked beauty by John C. Goodman is published by Blue & Yellow Dog Press. Also available at Blue & Yellow Dog Press Book Shop: Realities of Bifocal Translations by Felino A. Soriano, Rien Ici by Raymond Farr, DRUNKER/holding ember by Raymond Farr, and the first print issue of Blue & Yellow Dog Spring & Summer Issues 1 &2. Available soon: Matthew Johnstone’s Let’s be close Rope to mast, you Old light, Adam Fieled’s Equations, and Richard Kostelanetz’s chap book FICT IONS.

We are a small press but building on strong ms submissions from both young and experienced poets. For more information on how to submit, to purchase a book, or just check out what we like to publish in Blue Yellow Dog visit our web pages.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

sean burn's latest vis po is available!!

dear all

the latest of sean burn's pamphlets of visual poetry - mo thunder - is out now from the knives forks and spoons press ( these are public texts photographed and then reworded, accompanied with decaying typographies - culture-jamming techniques to subvert those messages insisting we buy into narratives i don't recognise. it is a follow-up collection to all cut up published by tonerworks, 2009

Thursday, August 12, 2010

New Issue of Blue Print Review!!!

the new issue of BluePrintReview has launched!

#25: two²

“or to make it simple: make it 2.” – that was the key line of the call for issue 25. curious, i waited for texts and images of the “2” kind. and received: two-way poems. stories inside stories. 2-layer photos. poems in 2 parts. second-hand clips of life. and so much more twosome goodness.

the first threesome of twos is on now, kicking in with The Scream, Fire on the Other Side, Pre-Cell Observations in 2 Parts – and with a spin of complementary colors:
this issue goes live in sequences again, new “two”s will pop up every couple of days, check back or just follow the announcements on twitter and facebook.


blueprintpress micro novels:

Blueprintpress is proud to present its 2 first micro novels:

The Republic of Love by Nora Nadjarian
My Apartment by Michael K. White

Both micro novels are offered as signed author copies in hand-made, limited editions. They will arrive at your doorstep with international air mail. Pre-orders are open now.

For details, author info, excerpts, order info, go here:

Friday, August 6, 2010

Check out Counterexample Poetics!

This month I would like to thank Felino Soriano, the editor of Counterexample Poetics, for having me as Featured Artist. It is a great read. Lots of other writers with not a little talent. I feel very humbled to be part of Counterexample Poetics. Check it out for yrself.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

A New Kill Author Is Up!

I have a poem--The Pueblo Is in My Name--up at Kill Author. The whole issue is jam packed with great writing, imaginative stuff. Just go on over there and see for yrself. Don't forget to come back!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Summer Issue of Blue & Yellow Dog Is Up!

Hi everybody. Issue 2 of Blue & Yellow Dog is up and running. It contains poems by Jenny Enochsson, JD Nelson, Eddie Patterson, Sean Burn, Ton van t'Hof, Nico Vassilakis, Jessie Janeshek, Travis Macdonald, Philip Byron Oakes, Christine Herzer, Francis Raven, as well as poems and collages by Valery Oisteanu. There is a print issue in the works which is comprised of issues 1 & 2. If successful it will be available at the Blue & Yellow Dog Book Shop.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

New Otoliths Is On Line Now

Check out the latest issue of Mark Young's Otoliths which is now up and bigger and better than ever.