Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Raft 2 Now Available On Line: Listen To It

Raft 2 is up at
There are text versions of some great work on the site and sound files of authors reading their stuff. I have three poems you can peruse or lend an ear to there. My first attempt at recording my poetry and it worked out well. I will be recording and posting more sound files here and there on line. Look and listen at As-Is, The Flux I Share, and mrjonesreview.

Also check out my poem Glistening dAdA Plum Meter at Liebamour. You can read the entire issue or just my poem as a PDF or purchase a print copy of second issue of Liebamour.

Don't worry issue 3 of Blue & Yellow Dog is on line now. The print issue will appear simultaneously with issue 4 due out in spring.