Wednesday, June 25, 2008

:the moon on a basque leash

:the bonus gate keeper leaves us reeling
:w//w/outPOP up ads

:he knowsa guy(ser
:bifocal points in madness december

:calls pepsi co

:the moon on a basque leash : is it withdrawal?
:i haven’t a prayer shawl

:access tel aviv
:stymies tv

:the women swoon too early to be graceful
:reject a ms
:left handedly

:coffin seismic annie tug boat dinah shore awaits surreal captain

:eating shrimp malaise buttered sour kraut
:whole meat dysplasia for weeks now

:a mug shot vd de milo
:etc ike

:pontiff fiesta firecracker thanksdrueling
:w/ ezra skin

:more chill for the virtual

:when ground is brokenNOUNAGAIN
:the cityZAPATTA!

:UNREaL wherever

:we leave it

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

How Algernon Swinburne Found His Life's Purpose

Merchandising the meaning of.
Epic Jenny.
In Haiti palm-hat.
As witness.
Whimsy etc.

[These brackets.
Texts colliding.]
Is how.
Algernon Swinburne found himself.
Questioning in bed.
The meaning of signs.
His mission.
A black bird.
Or 7th grin.

His person-ism.
Of absolute line.
Breaks. Do-si-dos.
In square.
Of wet cement.

[Are these relationships the same?]

Oral Basque.
Is how he laughs.
Not moving.

Orgy man.
Crackpot man.
In grey rock.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Dipsomaniacal Derangement of Altered Facts

Both of us bottle flies
Stood over

Fixated dumber summer


The time when

The table split wide

Due to exploitation
Of peculiar

Arrière-pensée w/no

To mention us
In passing(

It just wasn’t fluffy
Was all I cld say

Not: Art
Is long
Life is short

: a kinda

Poker game-situation ethics
Elite as brand X

In fancy Bulova City—

The Night Watch left dangling

To death
Of a sales pitcher

Exchequer remote

Observes nothing & nothing is gleaned
Or eminent to be mentioned

I quake until I’m qualified

In the 50th Gong Arrondissement

Exchequer remote
Suffers blindness bombings
Off I-95—

Derangement memos (
Sighing in quotes:

An egg salad sombrero

The match stick of noon

A Bob Freckle

Incident report (
Never scripted peyote wad

; A dumbfounding
Ecco homo exists openly

Of Pollock

Whose pinnacle mind-set
Is a seersucker’s Pop art

& this thru tuna portals—

Cats singing ditties(
Hilarious to hear


Improvised by mud dingers

In evil glandular
Star speculations

The novella under

One umbrella
Is truly meant

To be kinder

A breeding scalpel wielding
Past participles ruminates in chapels—

Ars longa, vita brevis

It is for mourners I take along plums in my boots(

Not Dr. Williams
But his dog,


Sunday is his dream
Copulation his hour