Friday, July 9, 2010

Felino Soriano's Realities of Bifocal Translations

Felino A. Soriano's "Realities of Bifocal Translations" is dominated by jazz echoes, scatted as it were, and its idioms, as well as the personal and celebrated brushstrokes of 20th and 21st Century painting translated to poetry. Predominately one page takes, the poems, executed in a hybrid of modernist/postmodernist syntax, offer the reader a swirling look down & up at the all-important avant-garde heritage of us all. Simultaneously historic and contemporary, the poems in this volume do what good ekphrastic poetry (or music or painting) should do...dip its tongue in the honey and lay it back down, poised like the instrument all musicians/artists/poets share—experience and articulated reality.

About Blue & Yellow Dog Press:

There are only 5 volumes of poetry published so far in Raymond Farr’s Blue & Yellow Dog Press Book Shop (a spin-off of his on line poetry journal Blue & Yellow Dog)— four volumes by Raymond Farr, and Felino Soriano’s Realities of Bifocal Translations. The next book to appear in the B&YDog Book Shop Series, will be Adam Fieled’s latest prospect, Equations, due out sometime in August 2010. Any full length poetry ms is welcome. The editor promises a careful reading of each ms submitted. All ms should be submitted as Word docs, RTF, or PDF attachments to an email and sent to

Felino Soriano: Realities of Bifocal Translations
Paperback, 98 pgs,
$15 plus shipping