Thursday, December 31, 2009

a Yahoo word search evolves into a philosopher*

Yes, a splash page

Is old fashioned

A tangle tangible tangerine
Kinda night of

Parishioner conspiracy

As a lama
Construes wheelbarrow
Among dachshunds

Aorta goes

confidante Postcard Lithuania

As thousand Moe
Dostoevsky Blackburn

Cotman sapling
Holystone translucent

stuck in the

For this is an ambiance

C’est alors qu’il fait la connaissance
Responded advisers

Helicopter perception
Requesting stronghold

I agree with you

machines provided
historical compilation of

reactivity & interactivity

Your saying is so good
& useful for me

a far cry from

a skyscraper City,
set in Provence

costing $100

ª All language in this poem is “found” language. It is taken from several
Yahoo pages I searched using “tan lin ambiance is a novel with a logo”
for my search parameters. I have moved them around abnegating their
original order on the Yahoo pages. This is the sum total of my
manipulation. They are pretty much as I found them on Yahoo. I prefer to
label this work a “selected” poem rather than “found” poetry, as my
process was simply to select lines & phrases while composing the poem
as I did so. Thus each preceding line or phrase effected those which
were to be selected later in the process.