Thursday, December 31, 2009

Eye Uneasy with the Story*

Since I’m by myself
I bring along a book

The book is mesmerizing

A perfect bound
Closed history
The size of a nest

Its pgs

A rope (Representing Reality)

Gross acts of non-

One theater}

Expound on the relevance
Descending in the form of

Abandoned farm buildings
Now housed

A miraculous outpouring
Almost at random

Once lived
The key events
Swiftly fled

The improbable
The unlikely
Significant Unfair Arguments
With Existence

Act on
Sublimely innocent
Brutal burning deck

Of eye uneasy
With the story

(Such is the fervor
Walking hand in hand
w/ )

& waves

Really bad movies

Venus to the
*Text & title were "found" on line.
My only creative input was selecting them
& arranging them
into a poem.

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