Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Grammar of Mind by Keith Moul is available now from Blue & Yellow Dog Press Book Shop. Blue & Yellow Dog Press is also a proud new member of Better Homes Through Poems Collective. There you will find books published by nine or ten Independant Presses.

But back to The Grammar of Mind, a chap book by Keith Moul:

The terse yet potent verse paragraphs contained in Keith Moul's chap book, The Grammar of Mind, hold our most trusted & reasoned postmodern insight's feet to the fire, testing knowledge, wit, favor, an entire body of ecclectic bursts explode in the collective mind, shedding light. Somehow energizing the reader, each word is layed down like a concrete slab. If life is a book to be lived then "7/each day of life/taken straight/ administers shock treatment/to the mind" If this is hyperbole then it is also a no nonsense mirror held up with a sure and steady hand. A mirror in which points of order are clearly stated & numbered, as in "8/dust specks crowd into/the 60 watts of the mind."


36 pages

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