Sunday, April 25, 2010

passage to a nude kind of {power sys}

Weeping douche bags, named Filipo Espoo
Lay quadrant together twined
Finland (usurist amerikan rites attack grid off key a sample of the
Decomp— i(task Turrets Syndrome. (CHarl—
The Scourerr,
The sorcerer’s gal pal on/off
(the man tag/guard(ted, avant gardened
ASK--positional pupae, to doffe cette caper
Jollyseine mastiff locator latrine watch me
Inch wittle: “I gotta stiff—ecco Prego!”
Meine(HDtv)’d, iii et al
If I verify:NASA ASAP
Programmatically post—p oint of reference-ilism / naughty ici
on commandchi
re: grid-girl —athon(esque acid –itation
launch internet denies twin eggo!!

What is wrong with Postmodernism is…
The very thing it is—a passage
To a very nude kind of {power sys}massage morphology in jarred moon phantom
Of LOVE, my calling is immediate/a dive
Antimacassar drive train laughing to punctuate order
Effective global capital nuisance claim
Ridiculous slotted fellow out of Seattle
Apparatus of power mouse pads—Diderot-like
At the root
A brain case highboy oak-back monkey lunatic iota buff
So doing it collapses the complexity of the history of

As the origin of
Uncanny resemblances/&suites ahoy!
Ever grater rats of gratis turnover frozen culling
Experimentation thru
It des-troys itself thru them glassware
Being radical Chimera at Kwik King convenience store: 59¢

“I swear I didn’t sayTHIS THAT or the oyster thing recklessly
Once removed
The multitudes are key
Refers to level
Feminine tableau tone Pop (t)Art on quantum Brattle Sq.
Or NOON near San Sulspice

Nor evil adjunct ,sub
Inch universe ping p ing pinging things mention
“post modernism [BYTES]intellectual” boxes
Tenement shadow life of dodo
Bliss living out dusk(summer, august—dry august wind—
Prevailing “political movement tends
To be language of the
Elite, whereas
Diacritical dialectic/ballad, oxygenated wire-proofed
(et noir)
The barbarians, Paul, & macaroni elbow song

of. Regular incline.
Suspicion of: “q’est-ce que uneSIGNlanguage?”b-a-c-kwards…
N-G-I-S mirrored/ “committed to the truth
And real political change”
See Ibid. pp. 154-6 on Amy’s farm in Weirsdale
Ore Utica, inert
Meddlesome post-
Modernist postmortem
not. Spoofed/neglected chowder head egasm finger tip campanile
Just format Wal-Mart Andy Warhol I’m laughs.
“Whereas for Bhabba it is as if

We were”—
Polonius speaking ghetto
Intrinsic dildo enacting roughly
A radio unearthing Nickelodeon Daze—
Relenting to act nervosa in other words

Crater. Baste. Interrupt. Pall Over Dozen. Oven. Manor. Song. Imply—

SPLASH down!
Eating old regimes from inside a bubble gum dispenser
The news flows/follows
The krill is gone, baby…a long way to a second addiction
Shoots watts
Askew rocker pins
100 pixels
Talks garbage

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