Monday, March 8, 2010

Not Even Our Shadows Will Follow Us

Iloveyou, meaning thiscanary has beenourluck;
meaning we both love themusicplaying inmyhead.
Iloveyou,meaning I hope you neversuffer,asIhave,
for being charmed; meaning wash&choplove’s
onions,cryasyoulaugh.Iloveyou, meaning canaries
tire of their own mimicreflections; we ignore them,
telling each other Don’t worry, it’s no ta sign. Blue,
meaning “awkward:” I shaved this canary for you.
Joke,meaning“concerned:”I spoofed the canaries
thisplumhopingforone longsweetriff.It lasted a
moment. It lasted like a monument, bigasCharlie
“thebird”Parker. It glistered when I bit into it for your
sake. It was myself, my sweet necrotic voice I heard
singing intheback ofyourthroat. Ohbaby,Iloveyou,
meaning do you know this canary? Oh baby, Iloveyou,
meaningI’llbeyourcanary, my wings bright, gaudy
as anything toofamiliar,and disappear into thinair.
Ohbaby,Iloveyou, meaning disappear withme,it’s
thateasy, notevenourshadowswillfollowus.

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