Thursday, August 27, 2009

I Am Thinking Beryl Not Miles

In the Ravine allure
I am thinking beryl not miles
Conundrums drumming
Debonair Peru
Bring patter forth
Acrostically deviated
Undulated like Winifred
I aspirate like asps
Speaking wild wild
(hound dog) Houdini
Quizzing intelligentsia:
Who is where in
12 apostates upstairs?
Don’t defenestrate
The obvious nor
Inculcate the mysterious
[ ] is # 9
On my play list
This —ism Version of
Straight junk realism judo
// = &&- üō¿ is etched
Superficially onto
Combs of wide wide
Windows in play
With light meaning:
“transit”ory shadowy
Aortic valve/ This
Quantum field
Gutter sinewy star matter
In strange flux
Comes and goes
Conjuring shiny shiny
Roger Rabbit &
Jessica Rabbit
Perpetrating rope trick finales
Screaming nth division
To a fine line this afternoon
As creepy reality Czechs
Glad fudge Rx scripts
Taste bamboo y—¿Y! etc
Deconstructs Nothngness
& human Being a sundae
Or else X equals Y sliding
Third baseman into
What is the meaning of
Scale model/ Scientific American?
Galf brzzes
In salten heir
Look here \\\ ? ///\\\ * ///\\\ ? ///saith the listen
Art art a tiger
A poem art allure ravine :
A listen
Strikes evidence
Subverting radical chic
Twisting reckless
Grueling motor-ism
Nerve tic McPapacy—
Egads! potatoes!—
To Yikes! pomades over
A fraction
Of pome [one half
A density sings sentences
With must—
If that is a kiln
I’ll heat my at

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