Sunday, February 15, 2009

Doxa: This Last Fuse Is Wit

For Marco Giovenale

Nailed coffin men fire up the singing apes

To gobs of boob drake darker taller tan than false anatomy

Begetting Beefaroni® biscotti taunting iota buds in airport flex hold

Thin Edie I mean

This doxa rotisserie goofs the spelling bee

Is nutnbut a bit a hi jinx

Tease the scrotum aweful broad zany grey spot light with doom hands of luck

Coxswain burly (b)ikeman swoons reversing golf

What is it up

In fast food chutes of Spain

La Toya’s tiger-Toyota purrs so mellow man back seat


Her groin dialectic-construct spins hussies free hurrumph I’m home

Her jingle-juice isolated neon titty bits to block, please, Alex

The view is twisted Hussein neck tie of hemp

Olde Ruskie bible trick

String ‘em up at gunless tea estranged by ten

Twinkie-fart seltzer-St. Elsewhere / sunless sea

Come on monkey launching pad tv canoe / sunless bee

Stars patter the anciennes / fun-less tree

Meatless Melissa revolves strident Corningware® rock pile / pun-less Klee

Paced gymnastically her bag’s a blur of jacked off man flesh / cunt-less Dee

Blunt disposable tissue bagged for index people / punt-less fee

Adam’s atoms piled tightly on / hut-less knee

Bandanas signify naked Tina Toner A# for pitchmen / cutlass spree

Bridget’s flix dot com cum onyx wet dream cum massacre dot com / shunt-less lee

Citified scum birth wombat etcetera the boyz know / hapless he

Her sins are multiplexed / chapped lip seed

Animus doodles her Rolodex / map-less deed

Scams Bob Hopi one last reed patch soul-less Vegas noxious honey bee / tongue-less feed

Bleached pi blonde escapes alien body dump site tsar with clap / sapless greed

Alternate cruelty in thong wrong flyboy in flip flops / dung-less spree

Merchant guns an f-stop dizzy lizard happenstance / gun-less tea

This last fuse is wit / bun-less oui

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