Sunday, May 25, 2008

Travel Ode to the Previous (Legacy III)

A world is worded like a setting off
To a page or pages unknown. A reliable lie

Adversely juxtaposed. Indifference. Its core
Of meaning. All the lies I told stir up
Incendiary injustices. Space breaking down.
Transformed by subway crowds. Faceless
But theorized and therein lies the rub.

For all we know a comported idea is based
In reality. Solely a language unto itself.

A portrait sitter. Versions of a self contained
Enemy. Interchangeable as mental harps
Plucked by a poem. A poetry is not necessarily
An evil plural but composite, yes, it is the same.
A contrived lingo by individual aspect.
Consciousness nicked in the eye. A duality
Overtly witnessed until conjectured thin.

Incumbent revolutionary means and practices.
But a system just the same. Both fall into place
As when glue coheres disparate strands. A car
Built to jangle its keys in front of us does so.

There is a mean temperature uniquely dissimilar
From a torrid summer.

The moon meanders women into metaphors.
Explains real politik. Negates false idols.
Superimposed upon a grand system. He shines
His bourgeoisie miracle. Light’s so called
Devotion. Even a little speck feminine fascist.

Is he like us? One in a crowd of illusions?
A wastrel sleeping beneath bridges? Wrapped
In newspapers? Ersatz with zeitgeist’s fraudulent
Emotions? Words all the while escaping?

Bombed with cold and guilt is simultaneous.
Paradigmatic teeth chatter unto the charnel house.
Bombed with cold and gilt. Gilt is but a play

On the words: secondary intuitions.
Whosoever jokes alters the ghostly enterprises.
Is made a circumspect defendant. Intelligence
Coddles. Agrees to laughter and money handed out.
The form is of mansions and limos.

Institutional schmuck. Designed pianissimo.
The closed off literati. Or con. We all dream
Of the big score. It’s understood how we do
Ourselves in. Non-essential institutional schmuck.

Societal parameters stray toward effulgence.
The manner of sonnets gone meta-narrative.
The same art transforms a consumer. We don’t

Identify. The losers unless outlaws.

Our minds expand by orbitable laws.

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